The Truth behind the 2012 Mayan Calendar

The Truth behind the 2012 Mayan Calendar : This is not a “Doomsday” event!

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

2012 luminary John Major Jenkins (author of Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, Tzolkin, Pyramid of Fire and Galactic Alignment) has this to say about the Mayan prophecies.

"The one and only true 2012 prophecy that I perceive is the one that exists in the Maya Creation Myth (the Popol Vuh), … the first part of it has already come to pass. It has to do with the self-serving egoism (Seven Macaw) controlling and deceiving people at the end of the cycle.

"The second part of the prophecy is indeterminate and will be experienced differently for each individual, as it involves the challenges of placing ego back into right relationship with the true eternal self (One Hunahpu), through sacrificing the illusions installed by ego. The second part of the prophecy is indeterminate, and not definitive in some kind of predetermined vision of a fated future, because free will exists."

The date on the Mayan calendar is represented as, which is the end of the13 baktun period, or one “Great Cycle”. Jenkins firmly believes the Mayan calendar will start over on the following day, represented as

“Waiting for 2012 is like waiting for a bus, and not realizing that you are the bus, the experience of Now, of the eternal present, is not located on a calendar.”